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Farah Hussain Biography

Farah Hussain born November 8, 1975 In Islamabad. Farah Hussain Pakistani television actress and presenter.

Faraha started her career  as a side role in a TV drama serial Bandhan .

Farah Hussain played a minimal role but had a very strong character. Farah performed that role beautifully which left her in the hearts of millions of her fans. The character was named Dil Baji and for a long time people would call her that.

Farah Hussain was married to television actor Iqbal Hussain. Before marriage, they have worked together . she also starred in the hit 2002 PTV Home drama Nigah.


Farah Hussain At Morning Show In This Pic.

In recent years Hussain has been the host of a morning show A Morning with Farah with a private channel ATV.

Show has been on air since last 9 years and almost 2500 shows are aired so far which is a record in Pakistan television industry .

The show is a mix of different segments, basically inviting a guest for a light interview.

Each segment has a live telephone call and features prominent personalities, fitness, self grooming and fashion tips, jewelry designs, delicious recipes and more.

Farah Hussain Wedding

Farah Hussain married to a person Iqbal Hussain which was also a showbiz personality and fortunately they both worked together in the drama serial Bandhan.

The story start from that drama serial which lead to the stage of marriage, they both got married in the year of 2001.

After surviving 11 years of anniversary they both decided to take divorce from each other, they have 2 children whose names are Abdullah and Abdul Rahman. This is the actual story which people are writing as scandal for Farah.

Farah Hussain Biography

Birth name Farah Sadia
Born Islamabad, Pakistan
Show A Morning With Farah (2005-present)
Station(s) ATV
Time slot 9- 11:00 am.Monday to Friday
Style Live action, Talk show
Country  Pakistan
Children 2

Television Serials

Drama Title
1997 Bandhan PTV Home
2002 Nigah PTV Home

Television Host

  • A Morning with Farah On ATV 2006-2015
  • Ek Nayee Subha With Farah On A-Plus 2015–Present

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