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Saad Haroon

Saad Haroon is an internationally acclaimed Pakistani comedian,actor, and writer. Saad is the creator of the first ever Pakistani improvisational comedy troupe “BlackFish”, he was the first Pakistani Stand Up comedian to perform in English in cities across the whole of Pakistan in his tour “Saad Haroon: Very Live”.

Saad created and hosts the first ever English language comedy television show in Pakistan. In October 2014, Saad Haroon was voted the second most funniest person of the world securing 59,213 votes in the Laugh Factory competition.

Medium Stand-up comedy, writing, film,television
Nationality Pakistani
Genres Observational humor, politics,current events

Improvisational comedy

Saad’s latest endeavours in improv comedy have led to the creation of “SHARK” in 2008, the first improv troupe to tour Pakistan and perform Long Form Improvisational Comedy.

SHARK’s tour included performances in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore where audiences throughout Pakistan witnessed musical forms of improv comedy and a long form improv structure known as the Harold for the first time.

SHARK’s lineup includes Saad Haroon, Danish Ali, Umair Pervez, Jaffar Ali, Daniyal Ahmed, Sohaib Khan, and Sana Nasir.

In 2002, Saad created BlackFish, Pakistan’s first improv troupe, which was chosen to represent Pakistan in an international Theater Project at Contact Theatre in Manchester, England.

Saad stepped down as director of BlackFish in 2005 to pursue other projects but has continued to work on other projects with Contact Theatre.

Saad is also creator, co-writer and director of ‘We’ve made contact’; a half improvised half scripted original format play created for the British councils Connecting Futures Project which was performed in Manchester, England.

Saad still teaches improvisational theatre and holds workshops in corporate communications and also teaches people eager to learn improvisational theatre.

Stand up comedy

“Saad Haroon: Very Live” was Pakistan’s first ever solo English language Stand Up Comedy Tour which was then made into a television series of the same name.

Apart from shows performed all over Pakistan, Saad has also performed in Dubai and is planning an international tour.

Saad Haroon regularly performs stand up and the Open Mic Nights which he organizes in Karachi.

In December 2014 he performed two shows at the Dubai Laughing Comedy Festival organised by Dubai Laughing Comedy Club, Saad Haroon – 2nd Funniest Person in the World

In 2015, he went on a tour called ‘Don’t Jealous Jaani, my heart is Pakistani’ and performed in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. The concept behind the show was Pakistani marriage and relationships and the ways that Pakistanis love.

Talking about the show in an interview with Khabarfeed, Saad said, “We have relationships in ways no one else in the world does. Mostly, we look at other love stories and the western idea of Romeo and Juliet etc., but the way we love and the way we lose are just as important.

The rest of the world should ‘don’t jealous’ us. We’re Pakistanis, we’re proud of who we are and we’re proud of the fact that our hearts are Pakistani.”

Open mic nights

Saad Haroon arranges Open Mic Nights which features aspiring comedians, writers, poets, and other talented enthusiasts.

The Real News

The Real News is Pakistans first ever English Language comedy show in Pakistan.

Created and hosted by Saad Haroon, the show pokes fun at current news events using political and social satire.

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