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Makka TV is a channel that telecast live from the Makka and Masjid Al Haram. Makka is holiest place in Islam and for Muslim all over the, the Masjid Al Haram is the mosque where thousands of Muslims visit to perform Umrah and Hajj located in Suadi Arabia. Thought out the day and 7 day in a week, different people perform namaz, Umrah and Hajj in the particular day in this mosque, all these holy activities is covered by the Makka Tv and telecasted 24/7, so the Muslims can watch it on TV.

You may also listen the recite of Holy Quran which is being broadcasted in mosque. The Islamic dates, times in different Islamic countries for prayers and performing other religious tasks, is also provided by the Makkah TV.

In the holy month of Ramadan, the people can watch and listen Tarawih in live transmission. Urduwire is the only web portal that offering the live streaming of Makkah channel so you may get in touched and watch the holiest site in the world that is Makkah Mukarrama.

Watch Makkah Live TV – The spirit of Hajj is revived with an exclusive live channel broadcast from Saudi Arabia, Makkah TV Live. The channel gained immense popularity and fame in Pakistan and around the Muslim world.

Muslim viewers can access Makkah TV transmission from this platform. The channel has the significance to broadcast Hajj Livedirectly from Holy Khana e Kaaba.

That is beneficial for all Muslims across the globe to witness and gain blessings of Allah Almighty who are unable to visit Holy Kaaba physically. Mecca Transmission Live aims to cover all the aspects and stages of Hajj 2016 Live completely including the Khutba e Hajj live from Makkah. Muslims can stay connected to this important pillar of Islam by witnessing each and every stage of Hajj 2016 Live.

Makkah TV Live 2016 on airs the latest news, information about the Hajj and guide the pilgrims in the best possible way. You can stream it online for more updates. Makkah TV Live HD broadcast five times prayers and Azaan.

Makkah TV Live Streaming is available during the month of Zilhajj covering the entire hajj transmission and later Eid ul Adha. The families of the pilgrims can also follow this channel to stay connected to each and every component of Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

The soothing voice of Imam E Kaaba creates a deep impact on the minds of viewers that you feel like you are already there at Makkah. You canwatch Hajj transmissionlive streaming from Makkah Live TV in HD version on this website.

Watch Makkah TV Live 2016 online Streaming at Pakistandailytimes.com. Welcome to the exclusive page of Makkah TV.

Makkah is the world’s holiest city for Muslims located in Saudi Arabia, sit is also considered a holly place because the Kaaba is there which is the Qibla (direction) for all the Muslims across the world to pray towards. The Islamic pilgrim Hajj is also performed in Makka where thousands of Hajjies arrive ever year to perform it.

Makkah Channel is the TV channel that covers all such events happing in Makka and telecast it live though out the world so the Muslims can see the activities practising there. The prayer timings are displayed according to several different countries across the world, the Islamic calendar dates and other events. Watch it live and exclusively on Urduwire.com in high quality.

Makkah is the most divine city of the world as it has been blessed with the most sacred place for Muslim, Masjid Al Haram and also it is a city where a holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAWW was born.

Masjid Al Haram is a place for which every Muslim have a desire to at least visit it once in their life.

It is obvious that every Muslim in the world will not get an opportunity to tour that place and have a go through over the religious buildings due to strict restrictions and formalities so in order to get the solutions of such sort of problems we have Makkah Channel which covers each and every thing from that particular region. Makkah Channel is a 24 hour running Islamic channel aiming to cover each and every thing from Masjid Al Haram.

Alongside some regular transmissions the channel also opt to telecast main events from that holy place such as Namaz E Tarawi and Hajj. Apart from that the channel broadcasts regular five time prayers too in order to reflect the positive image of our religion across the globe and also to let the Muslims realize the importance of their unity. Additionally the channel also Keep reminding us about the timings of Salah for different regions of the world and also it displays Islamic dates and months below their logo.

The channel is very much useful for muslims as it give them a view of their holy place Makkah and is available for live streaming at Pakistan Daily Times.

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