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Obesity causes many types of cancer

We know that obesity is the root cause of diseases . It has diabetes , causes many diseases including several types of cancer and heart disease and can reduce 8 years old . Recently the research scientists have declared obesity because of the 8 types of cancer .
Earlier, the World Health Organization ‘s cancer research agency report released on obesity , kidney , can cause urinary tract , bowel and breast cancer . There are 8 types of cancer have been included in this list .
These include several members of cancer in the stomach , the digestive system , including the liver , over , thyroid , and brain tumors .


According to experts, the virus generally causes cancer , radioactive radiation and genetic factors are the unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and obesity are also causes cancer .
The report made clear that excess body fat increases the amount of estrogen , tystrujn and insulin in the body that aid in the development of cancer .
Experts say obesity can reduce the chances of cancer care .


The World Health Organization WHO says they are under direct threat of several types of cancer , which is currently the world’s 640 million adults and 110 million children suffer from obesity .
According to South America , 9 percent of women affected by cancer in Europe and the Middle East suffer from obesity , and that is because of their cancer .
The sets a negative impact on obesity mind was quoted in research and pre causing brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia born in old age , etc. , which can add up to 30 years in Brain Age time seems to appear .

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